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Who are we?

Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) is a design-and-construct specialist, harnessing the skills and expertise of contractor JN Bentley and global consulting giant Mott MacDonald.  MMB was established in 1999.  Since then the joint venture has gone from strength to strength, winning multiple client and industry awards for quality and innovation.  By embracing all elements of programme management, investigation and construction in one organisation, MMB provides and integrated, efficient service to all its clients.  Working primarily in the water industry in the Business Environment Network area, MMB strive to deliver sustainable, resilient products with an emphasis on preventing environmental harm and promoting environmental enhancement.


Why did we become a supporter of BEN?

TBEN presents a unique opportunity to meet and network with businesses in the region who have the same passion for the environment as ourselves.  The events thus far have been insightful and informative, and we look forward to both learning more about how our business can impact on the environment and also sharing with others what we have learnt along our own journey.

What do we hope to gain from being an BEN supporter?

  • Opportunity to network with other businesses
  • Sharing best practice with other businesses
  • Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas
  • Learning about sustainability and the environment
  • To show we care about the communities that we operate in
  • Improved business image within the marketplace




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