Lingard Farrow Styles

  • Join date: 27/03/2019
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  • Tags: Habitat/Land Management & Creation

Who are we?

Landscape Architects and environmental consultants based in Shropshire and Powys, working across the UK.  We combine award-winning landscape design with expertise in landscape assessment.


Why did we become BEN supporters?

To gain access to networking opportunities, tap into the local knowledge base, market our own environmental credentials and to support wildlife.

What do we hope to gain from being an BEN supporter?

  • Opportunity to network with other businesses
  • Sharing best practice with other businesses
  • Learning about sustainability and the environment
  • To show we care about the communities that we operate in
  • To benefit our business’ profitability



Twitter: @lingardstyles



Shrewsbury: +44 (0)1743 233961

Welshpool: +44 (0)1938 555895