Hafren Water Ltd

  • Join date: 06/10/2015
  • Website: www.hafrenwater.com
  • Tags: Agriculture Impact Assessment

Who are we?

Hafren Water advises on all aspects of environmental water management. Our remit is wide-ranging and covers input to Environmental Impact Assessments, Flood Risk Assessments, water supply, negotiation with the Environment Agency and support to the agricultural sector, amongst numerous others. We work at all scales, from individuals to some of the largest plcs in the UK.


Why did we become BEN supporters?

We support BEN to widen our network of contacts in the region with other organisations working in the environmental sector. We hope to be able to advise local organisations as well as keep up to date with developments in our field of expertise.

What has your business gained from being an BEN supporter?

We have only recently joined but have already made contact with other organisations which we otherwise would not have done. We hope that this will continue in the future.