Ecological Land Management Ltd

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Who are we?

We specialise in conservation and wildlife protection work. Our skills are primarily in the interpretation and effective implementation of translocation/mitigation and habitat management reports. We supply and install badger, otter, water vole and newt fencing, having recently completed a 5km scheme of the later. We are also able to carry out all subsequent work, such as carpet/trap checks. We can provide a fence maintenance service to ensure the fence stays in an effective condition throughout its lifespan, as well as removing it at the end of the scheme, with all waste materials being removed from site to a recycling facility.

We also undertake habitat creation whether it be a new pond, badger sett, tree planting or ditch creation. These habitats are likely to require long term management and we have the skills and equipment to carry this out. Our services include woodland thinning, meadow management, scrub control, invasive weed control with herbicide or pond management.


Why did we become BEN supporters?

The Network gives us the opportunity to improve links with other businesses and expand our client base within this locality. We also wanted to contribute to the important work of the BEN and take advantage of the advice and knowledge through workshops etc.

What has your business gained from being an BEN supporter?

Gaining knowledge and information from workshops attended and staring to forge new contacts within the region.

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