• Join date: 21/06/2017
  • Website:

Who are we?

We’re a creative digital agency in Shrewsbury. We’ve been established for over 16 years and have an experienced team of designers, developers, account managers and marketing execs offering everything from logos to websites.

Our services span 3 key areas:

  • Creative – brand development, graphic design, web design, print design & packaging
  • Digital – website development, e-commerce, technical integration & hosting
  • Marketing – campaign planning & strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search marketing – pay per click (PPC), social media & email marketing

As a company, we’ve grown organically by focusing on delivering the best possible service to our clients. That’s why a lot of the clients that joined us at the beginning are still with us now.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes across a range of industry sectors.

Why did we become BEN supporters?

We think the work undertaken by BEN is important for the local area and the environment – as a local business we’re happy to support this and have enjoyed attending events. Sherridan has a geography degree and Zoe used to work in renewable energy. We feel that Sherridan and Zoe could be good contacts for local, environmental businesses looking for support.

What do you hope to gain from being an BEN supporter?

  • Opportunity to network with other businesses
  • Sharing best practice with other businesses
  • Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas
  • Promoting business involvement in local environmental issues
  • Delivering environmental improvements for our business
  • Learning about sustainability and the environment
  • To show we care about the communities that we operate in
  • To benefit our business’ profitability
  • Improved employee wellbeing
  • Improved business image within the marketplace
  • Improved understanding of environmental regulation